Why a streaming app based in Abu Dhabi is the music industry's future?

Why Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m in Abu Dhabi is the future of music industry?

Having been the first UAE-based streaming application to hit the market, Profile Abu Anghami now boasts more than 1.4 million active users, 70 million songs streamed, 220 million plays, and a huge catalog of Arabic songs that cover the last ten years. And the future looks brighter than ever. The company launched in January 2012 and now serves customers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and the rest of the Arab world. The company is also working with local artists to help them build their fanbase. The company has also built a library of around 60 million songs. Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m has also negotiated licensing deals with major international labels.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Anghami for Artists?
  2. Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m – Functions and Features
  3. Anghami’s Business Model Helped the Company to Grow in the Middle East and North Africa
  4. Anghami Launches Live Radio Station
  5. Anghami’s Future

Why Anghami for Artists?

Anghami is a music technology platform that allows users to stream, download, and share music, as well as podcasts and events. The service operates in several countries throughout MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Subscription service: Service based on a subscription model and has a free ad-supported restricted tier. It offers music from major labels and independent artists.

Music Platform: Anghami also provides music fans with a platform to discover up-and-coming artists, as well as the latest releases from major artists. The site also has a playlist of Arabic music and hosts a variety of events.

Discover new artists: It also helps fans discover new artists and learn about music performances.

Upcoming Program: Its latest updates include a brand-new rising artist program, “SAWT JDEED”, which was introduced in January 2023. It has also announced a number of new projects, including a music festival and a podcast series.

Licensed Music: The service has licensed music from leading Arabic labels, as well as independent artists. Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m has developed a deep understanding of the region’s music industry. This has allowed the company to reduce piracy. In addition, Anghami’s creators have contributed to the region’s intellectual property protection.

Identify User’s Preferences: The service has over 57 million songs and is available in most of the Middle East. The site is able to identify users’ preferences through a process known as “music UserDNA” which reflects a user’s specific music tastes. It also analyzes a song’s popularity based on its listening times and legitimate counts. It also produces charts and updates its algorithm to reflect the most popular tracks. It is a reliable barometer for the state of the MENA music industry.

Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m – Functions and Features

Anghami is a music streaming app. Its motto is to provide legal access to music. In order to achieve this, it has negotiated licenses with major international labels. It is also a platform for artists to earn revenue through the Pay2Play program.

Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m - Why is a streaming app based in Abu Dhabi the music industry's future?
  • Anghami iOS and Android Application:
  1. The Anghami app is available for iOS and Android. It allows users to browse a huge library of Arabic and international music, including music from local and regional publishers.
    • It also has a podcast feature.
    • Using the Anghami app, users can upload their own music.
    • Users can share music with friends via music-sharing apps.
    • Anghami’s developers use machine learning to recommend playlists.
  • Search Function:
  1. There are also hidden features. For example, Anghami’s search function gives a list of users with the same name.
    • When you click on a user’s name, it takes you to their profile.
    • You can also find out who their friends are and follow them to stay updated.
    • This is one of the more practical functions of Anghami.
    • A music DNA feature that helps users to discover similar songs.
    • It features music from major labels, independent labels, and distributors.
  • Subscription Offers:
  1. Anghami’s revenues are split into three segments: subscriptions, advertisements, and value-added packages. It also has direct-to-consumer subscriptions.
    • The Anghami+ subscription offers song downloads and high-quality audio.
    • It also removes ads.
    • Anghami offers a free month’s trial of Anghami+.
    • It offers a variety of subscriptions, including a freemium model.
    • It also accepts digital currency such as Bitcoin for its subscription fees.
    • A growing number of people were using their smartphones to access the Internet.
    • Although the penetration of the Internet was high in the region, a significant number of people still relied on traditional forms of payment.

Anghami’s Business Model Helped the Company to Grow in the MENA

Anghami’s success as a content streaming platform has helped to shape the music business in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has over 180 employees working across the region. Its products are designed to meet the needs of the local market, while also adapting to global trends. Anghami has partnered with a wide range of leading regional and international music labels and publishers.

  • Small Beirut-Based Company:
    • Anghami started as a small Beirut-based company called PowerMeMobile. It was founded by Eddy Maroun.
    • Eddy Maroun was passionate about music. He had a background in minimalist instrumental covers of popular pop songs.
    • He and his partner, Elie Habib, worked at a tech company in the mobile operator space before they decided to launch their own venture.
    • They developed a business model based on direct mobile billing.
    • This was a relatively new business model in the Middle Eastern consumer market.
    • The company invested in the packaging and presentation of its services. Anghami’s revenue is set to grow by 21% in 2020.
    • The company’s biggest revenue stream is through mobile operators.
  • Operated as a Smartphone App:
    • The rise of cheaper smartphones enabled a large part of the population to enjoy the Internet through their mobile devices.
    • This helped Anghami to reach an active user base. Anghami initially operated as a smartphone app. The application was initially integrated with operator billing systems.
    • In order to increase functionality, the company built in-house capacity.
    • The company’s chief technology officer was Habib. He developed a Dolby encoding system that allowed streams to be delivered on 2G networks.
    • In 2010, the majority of countries in the Middle East had Internet access on two- or three-G mobile frequencies.
    • In the GCC, Internet penetration was 50 percent. Despite this, the unbanked rate in the Middle East was the highest in the world
  • Company’s Biggest Revenue:
    • Anghami has more than 40 telco and media partnerships. It serves the Saudi Arabian market, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Morocco. Its business model includes prepaid phone credits and a social media element.
    • Its operations are spread across sixteen countries. Its market share is estimated at 58 percent.
    • The company’s revenues increased by 41 percent in the first half of 2022. Its revenue for the year was expected to be $37 million. The company is also targeting the United States and Canada.
    • Anghami’s revenues are predicted to grow by 70 percent annually between 2021 and 2025. The company reported a 41% increase in its monthly subscribers over the same period. The company also stated that its user database was updated every day.
  • Attention to Foreign Competitors:
    • Anghami, a Middle Eastern music streaming service, is set to become the region’s first homegrown tech startup to be listed on Nasdaq.
    • The company’s success has attracted the attention of other foreign competitors.
    • The company has a strong user base, with more than 30 million subscribers worldwide.
    • Spotify, a leading online streaming service, entered the Mena market in 2018.
    • Deezer, a French-based company, launched its streaming service in the Middle East.
    • However, Anghami maintains its position as the market leader.

The platform generates revenue from ads, subscriptions, and paid advertisements. It is available in 16 countries including UAE and Yemen. The company expects to raise $88 million next year. The company will be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the fourth quarter of this year. Its shares are expected to trade at an implied enterprise value of 2.5 times 2022 estimated sales.

Anghami Launches Live Radio Station

Anghami’s radio station – Anghami 90’s – was launched in 2012. The radio station is based in Abu Dhabi and features music from the region and abroad. It has a database of over six million listeners. It is estimated that it is one of the most popular stations in the MENA region. Its mission is to offer an alternative to traditional FM radio and create a platform for the emerging artists of the region.

Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m - Why is a streaming app based in Abu Dhabi the music industry's future?
  • It’s a new way for users to interact with each other through voice and text. This technology will allow users to share their music tastes, host virtual events and chat in real-time.
  • The service is available on iOS and Android devices and was designed in-house by Anghami. It’s the first global streaming service to enable social audio sharing.
  • The platform provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and audio streams. It offers a wide range of genres, including international music, Arabic music, pop, rock, folk, and more.
Anghami’s Future

Anghami offers an extensive catalog of over 57 million songs from major international labels. Its Arabic-language songs are a key offering, drawing over 50% of the traffic it receives. The platform features music from Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Merlin Network. The Profile Abu Anghami 1.4m 70m 220m catalogue is available in Arabic, English, and French.

  1. Anghami has launched new products and services such as the “Anghami Lab,” which combines online and offline experiences, and the “Anghami Lounge,” which allows listeners to tune into user-hosted radio shows. Anghami is also working on “live” products such as “Stage,” which will enable users to watch concerts from artists in real time.
  2. Anghami is also betting on expanding its Arabic-language music library. This is a strategy that will help Anghami reach new markets. The Anghami platform will feature music from Amr Diab, an Egyptian singer who has close to 1.2 billion streams. The two artists will launch an exclusive deal, with Anghami holding the rights to Diab’s entire catalog. The Anghami platform currently features over 39,000 artists, and Anghami says: “it is looking to expand its repertoire even further.”
  3. Anghami’s partnership with Rotana Music will add a large Arabic-language repertoire of content to its lineup. The agreement will allow Anghami to tap into the largest Arabic repertoire of events and music. The new collaboration will also help Anghami compete with Spotify, which is already a strong contender in the Arab world.
  4. Anghami aims to be the first MENA-based technology company to go public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The company’s CEO, Elie Habib, said the listing on the Nasdaq is a way for the company to access growth capital. Anghami’s co-founders rang the opening bell of the Nasdaq on February 3 to mark the company’s listing, which will be the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history.
  5. Anghami’s co-founders have spent the last eight years building the company into a leading streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa. During this time, they have established an impressive list of partnerships with music labels and telecommunications companies. These partnerships provide information about consumer preferences and help Anghami to market its product. These agreements also present a major barrier to entry for competitors.

Anghami has worked with many local labels to develop original content. The company is constantly releasing new music. It has created a catalog of more than 600,000 Arabic-language songs and over 39,000 artists.


The company’s main rival is music piracy, a problem in the region. To tackle this issue, Anghami offered a legal streaming service. It also educated users about how to pay for music. In addition, Anghami has partnerships with 29 mobile operators in the region. The company has a business-to-business (B2B) model with mobile operators to promote its services. Anghami offers millions of songs from leading international and independent labels. The catalog is growing rapidly and Anghami is constantly adding content.

Anghami has proven itself to be the clear choice for consumers in the Middle East. The Anghami app is one of the most popular amongst the region’s young and old alike, and the brand is set to continue to grow and innovate in the years to come.

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